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Lawn Bowling Tournament, Orangeville ca.

Lawn Bowling History

Monora Clubs History

Lawn bowling was introduced to Orangeville and area in the summer of 1904 on property on John Street where the Presbyterian Church is today. In 1906 the lawn bowlers purchased property across the street where the Canadian Legion is now located. In 1948 an agreement was drawn up to sell the property to the Legion with the proviso that the Lawn Bowling Club would continue to operate  on the property.

In 1986-88 negotiations with the Legion to finalize the purchase of the Club's property were completed and a new club site was sought. The Town of Mono encouraged the establishment of a new club house and greens in Monora Park. Lawn bowling commenced in the new facilities in Monora Park in 1991.  There is now a club house with a kitchen, washrooms, meeting/dining area, storage rooms and air conditioning.

When the club was first started it was named the Orangeville Lawn Bowling Club. Later to establish a connection with both the Town of Orangeville and the Town of Mono the club name was changed to the Monora Lawn Bowling Club.

At the 2001 fall meeting a decision was made by the members to replace the natural grass bowling surface with a new artificial turf. In the spring of 2002 after many hours of labour by Club members the environmentally friendly bowling commenced on the new lawn surface.

The artificial turf proved to be an excellent bowling surface that requires much less maintenance and can be bowled on earlier in the spring and later in the fall.

Membership is open to anyone interested. It is known of 7 year olds and 90+ year olds playing this non-expensive sport which is good exercise, good fellowship, and fun to play.

Photo courtesy of M.O.D.

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