Membership Details

2021 Registration Information

Cost for this season only (shortened due to covid) if you wish to join is as follows:

Join in June or July  - $90.00

Join in August - $60.00

Associate Member - $10.00

Bowls Rental - $25.00 (free 1st year only)

Please make payment by Cheque payable to to Monora Lawn Bowling Club.

Contact us to register.

Registration Form and waiver are located on the top of the page in the menu tabs.

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2021 Season

10:00 AM


One game only.

7:00 PM


One 12 end game

7:30 PM


One 12 end game

10:00 AM


One game only


COVID Requirements

Lawn Bowling Covid Requirements July 2021

No more than 25 people on site at any time and we must maintain 2 meter distance.

-The clubhouse will be closed except for washroom and first aid facilities (masks must be worn inside facility).

-Members must show up no earlier than 10 minutes prior to their scheduled playing time.

-Once their game is completed, members will leave the property.

-Members will need to supply their own water via their own water bottles.

-If you are ill, stay home.

In order for our club to do these things and others we have to make some changes from how we have operated in the past.

We have purchased hand sanitizer and disposable wipes.

The hand sanitizer will be available for all players to use.

Disposable wipes are for cleaning the bowls and jacks. Please make sure rental bowls have been cleaned and  sanitized after using.

We will use only even or odd numbered lanes, So we play on 2,4,6,8 or 1,3,5,7 which will help physical distance guidelines be met.

We will not be using rakes or mats.

There will be no lunch time or coffee available.

The fridge in the garage will stay empty.

Bring a pen from home to keep your scorecard.

Upon each entry to the club you will be given a Declaration of Compliance which must be completed and signed.

June 8, 2021