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Membership Details

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2024 Registration Information

Cost for this season if you wish to join is as follows:

Full Member - $140.00

Associate Member - $10.00

Bowls Rental - $25.00 (free 1st year only)

Please make payment by Cheque payable to to Monora Lawn Bowling Club.

Contact us to register.

Registration Form and waiver are located on the top of the page in the Membership Info tab.


2024 Season

10:00 AM


Two games
(Bring your lunch)

7:00 PM


One 12 end game

7:00 PM


One 12 end game

7:00 PM


One 12 end game

10:00 AM


Two games
(Bring your lunch)

9:30 AM

Saturday - Jitney

One 12 end game

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